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What is Content Moderation on Social Media Platforms?

What is Content Moderation on Social Media Platforms?

Submitted by • October 26, 2020

Last year, IT services major Cognizant made a strange decision.

The company said it would drop a lucrative $250m work contract with Facebook and shed 11,000 jobs.

The work in question involved content moderation - one of the most undesirable, gruelling, traumatic...and indispensable professions of the social media age.

Often described as “the worst job in technology”, content moderation forces those employed in the sector to review the worst of humanity for hours every day.

And recent events may make social media firms like Facebook, Twitter and Google outsource these jobs to developing nations like India and the Philippines.

What exactly do content moderators do? Why are companies like Cognizant in two minds about such work contracts? And how can this profession be fixed?

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