When Divorcing, do you only need a therapist & lawyer?

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Most parents make the wrong mistake when it comes to step number one of getting divorced. They think that the first two people they need to hire from the get-go is a lawyer and a therapist. I have to disagree that those are the ONLY two professionals that you need to go to. Why? Because you’re going to fall into a whole load of unknowns. You’re walking into an unknown territory and I can tell you from personal experience that those are not the only two professionals that you need. There are many other professionals from various different industries who can help answer your questions better than a lawyer or a therapist. And I’m not saying a lawyer and a therapist is bad, nothing against them whatsoever.

They do great jobs. But it may not be what you meet. It may not be the only solutions that you should be banking on. Why? Because there are so many different angles to divorce. So, it’s like I say: “your divorce is like a puzzle”. So, if you want to see the picture of the puzzle, you need to put all the different pieces together. Every single piece represents a different part of your life. You’ve got your children, your life as an individual, you’ve got the finances, you’ve got your role as a parent… there’s so many different components and they’re all different for each person, right? It’s not like a one size fits all.

So once you have all these different pieces, you have to connect them together and it has to make sense. That means that you may have to speak to a different specialist for every area to help you answer and find the best solution so that that piece fits all the rest. And therapists and lawyers that is not their job, that is not necessarily what they do. But I can tell you that when I was getting divorced, I did not go to a whole bunch of coaches. I did not go get a whole bunch of help. And I can tell you, I made a whole bunch of mistakes along the way, because I thought I had it all figured out.

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