Who primarily makes up the user base of BaddieHub?

The user base of BaddieHub is primarily composed of individuals who are part of the "baddies" subculture, which mostly includes:

Women: The platform is predominantly used by women who embody the confidence, style, and charm characteristic of "baddies."

Social Media Influencers: Many users are influencers who leverage their presence on BaddieHub to further their reach and engagement with their audience.

Fashion and Beauty Enthusiasts: Users often have a keen interest in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle trends, which are central to the "baddie" identity.

Content Creators: The platform attracts individuals who create and share visual and multimedia content that aligns with the "baddie" aesthetic.

Aspiring Models and Entrepreneurs: Many users utilize BaddieHub to promote themselves as models or to grow their personal brands and businesses.

Overall, BaddieHub caters to those who are drawn to a glamorous, self-assured, and visually striking persona.