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Why Hire For Attitude And Not Skill?

Why Hire For Attitude And Not Skill?

Submitted by • February 8, 2019

You would have heard this term zillion times but practically very rarely this is practiced. I have interacted with hundreds of hiring managers or recruiters who are so focussed on the skills and experience of the candidates and they completely ignore the attitude piece. As a result, a lot of wrong hires happen.

The main thing hiring managers look for in the candidates is the ATTITUDE! Attitude can include keenness for the job opportunities, ability to quickly learn, positive approach, smartness (or common sense) confidence, enthusiasm and ability to communicate and articulate. As long as the candidate has 3-4 attributes from this list, the candidate will turn out to be a right hire. If the candidate does not have a particular skill but has demonstrated experience of learning / picking up some skill; it should be ok.

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