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Aluminum Cladding And Jacketing for Metal

Maybe lots of people don’t know about aluminum cladding with polykraft moisture barrier, we just know kraft paper. Because the aluminum is not common in our daily life. It’s widely... Read More

Aluminum Coil Metal Cladding for Sale

Polykraft moisture barrier(PKMB) is made from aluminum alloy 1 series, 3 series etc., with the temper of O-H112. We also call it aluminum cladding/jacketing with polykraft moisture barrier. It’s yellow... Read More

Aluminum Coil with Moisture Barrier for Sale

Aluminum ploysurlyn moisture barrier(PSMB), we also call it aluminum cladding insulation coil or polysurlyn insulation aluminum jacketing coil. There is a blue film on its surface. It is an aluminum... Read More

Manufacturing strictly telescopic extension ladder, Step with finger protection gaskets. ISO9001 factory. Buy/Wholesale affordable 3.8m extension ladder online. Spec-built stable telescopic extension ladder for Safety-First. Anti-sway design, Steps with finger protection... Read More

Simple equipment configuration of organic fertilizer production line includes crusher, mixer, granulator, screening machine and packaging machine. For small organic fertilizer production line manufacturers, the whole set of equipment is... Read More

In the organic fertilizer manufacturing machine, the working principle of the double roller extrusion granulator is not as well known as the flat die pellet mill. The ring with die... Read More

Wood Transfer Aluminum Coil For Sale

Wood aluminum belongs to color coated aluminum. The patterns on the surface of wood grain aluminum sheet are imitation wood grain. Imitation wooden aluminum sheet, with various colors and patterns,... Read More

Imitation Stone Grain With Aluminum Coil

Imitation stone aluminum sheet is a product after processing the aluminum plate with a series of surface treatment. The surface of aluminum sheet looks like stone pattern. As a decorative... Read More

Aluminum Mirror Manufacturer and Supplier

The coated mirror aluminum is made up of many ways, such as rolling and polishing, to make the surface like a mirror. There are many kinds of color in the... Read More

Electric motor ball bearing types and options

Since electric motors are designed and used differently in many different industries, there are many different electric motor bearings types used to support them. Most electric motors in industrial facilities consist... Read More