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Granulation is the most important link in the organic fertilizer production line. If the organic fertilizer is made into granules, it must be a manure fermentation compost crusher, organic fertilizer... Read More

Green agriculture will promote organic fertilizer production line to process chicken manure and replace chemical fertilizer with organic fertilizer For chicken farmers, it is a headache to deal with dirty and... Read More

Vertical carbonization furnace is a small charcoal making machine. It is also called hoisting carbonization furnace. It is a newly developed energy-saving airflow carbonization furnace. Not only that, but it... Read More

Horizontal carbonization furnace is also called a wood charcoal making machine. It is high-volume carbonization equipment. It can efficiently manufacture wood charcoal, bamboo charcoal, sawdust charcoal, coconut shell charcoal, and... Read More

New charcoal making machine is a continuous carbonization furnace specially developed for carbonizing various biomass materials. The new design carbonization furnace is not only beautiful in appearance and atmosphere. And... Read More

Wood pallet block production line is a series of machines and equipment that are used to produce wooden pallet blocks on a large scale. The production line typically includes a... Read More

Industrial Burner Service, Thermal Energy Service Provider&Manufacturers – Zhonglu

Zhonglu International Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Canada Combustion Technology Co., Ltd. (CCT). Zhonglu is a comprehensive thermal energy service provider engaged in design, R & D,... Read More

To build an organic fertilizer production process, a bio organic fertilizer production or an npk production line, the required production equipment is similar. In addition to the above-mentioned equipment, the... Read More

1. Look at the product: There are two types of powdered organic fertilizer and granular organic fertilizer processed by organic fertilizer, both of which are particle size standards. The difference... Read More

Process flow of disc granulation production line

1. Granulation: Raw materials are fed into the feeder and granulated by a disc granulator machine. Evenly transfer to the turntable of the disc granulator machine. Sprinkle the liquid component... Read More